Jonah Phillips

J The  

  • Received my Technician License from the FCC in 2017

June 2012 - Present

April 2017 - Present

  • Piloted a quadcopter with atmospheric sensors for graduate research programs

USA Jaguar Marching Band


My Experience

University of South ALabama

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Pilot

Gator sign factory


August 2013 - December 2017

Federal Aviation Administration

Private Pilot

  • Install and repair CCTV systems for residential and commercial applications
  • Configure firewall and remote server access for remote viewing

My Skills

  • Planning
  • Managing

  • ​Working as a team

  • Solving complex problems

  • Working under stress

  • MATLAB, Solidworks, Excel, SQL, and other computer software

 November 2016 - Present

 October2017 - Present

  • Received my Private Pilot certification through the FAA in 2015
  • Logged over 70 hours in different aircraft 
  • Shared the excitement of flight with family and friends
  • Manage scheduling and payroll for 15-20 employees
  • Design storage, security, and communication systems to improve productivity among employees
  • ​Manage a full staff, ensuring that productivity and customer service is maintained
  • Section leader
  • Participated in countless performances, and rehearsals
  • Worked as a team with other members to complete performance goals
  • Remained focused during times of intense physical stress

Federal Communications Commission

Amateur Radio Technician License - KN4CWE

CCTV Installer

Self Employed

February 2015 - Present